Accounts Receivable Financing: Get Invoice Cash Fast

Don’t you wish you could get the funds you need from your invoices sooner than 90 days? With Interim Capital Lending Solutions, there’s no reason to wait 90 days to receive funds from your customers anymore. With our accounts receivable financing and invoice factoring programs, you get the money right away. When it comes to financing receivables with Interim Capital Lending Solutions, we base it off of your customer’s capacity to pay, not your own personal credit.

Flexible Cash When You Need It

When you get money from your invoices immediately, you can focus on expanding and competing. Perhaps most importantly, you can handle all your expenses. You can put your cash toward operating expenses, payroll, inventory, or expanding costs. Next time you are surprised with a sudden demand or notice a new opportunity, you can tackle them with confidence instead of waiting around and stressing out.

Reasons to Get Accounts Receivable Financing

Accounts receivable solutions from Interim Capital Lending Solutions is particularly beneficial if your business is dealing with any of these circumstances:

  • Customers are slow to pay
  • Revenue is decreasing
  • Bankruptcy is near
  • Payroll difficulties

Additionally, if you just opened a startup and got turned away at the bank, we can get you what you need.

Our accounts receivable products come with no personal guarantees, fixed payments, or recourse. Call us and learn how you can apply for free without any obligations.