Using Working Capital to Improve Your Healthcare Practice

You cannot afford to shut your practice down because your community has come to rely of the healthcare services you provide. Whether you need help getting back on your feet, or you are looking for a way to grow and improve your practice, healthcare financing is a great option for you. It is becoming incredibly common for healthcare practice owners to turn to financing to get the working capital they need to thrive. At Interim Capital Lending Solutions we can help you qualify for a unique healthcare financing plan that suits your needs specifically.

Common options include:

  • Medical equipment leasing – Get the capital you need to acquire necessary equipment. You can purchase new equipment, pay for repairs on your current equipment, or enter into a leasing program which will transfer ownership to you once payments are completed.
  • Practice acquisition – No matter what you are purchasing a practice for, financing options are available. You could be getting your first practice, opening a second, or buying out a partner.
  • Debt consolidation – If you are making multiple payments to different companies each month, consider debt consolidation. We can combine them into a single monthly payment which is commonly lower.

Interim Capital Lending Solutions is committed to helping your practice succeed. Give us a call to learn more about healthcare financing.