How to Expand Your Business With Purchase Order Financing

Are you the operator of a small business which is growing quickly? If so you will likely soon run into a common problem. Perhaps you have already experienced this. As small businesses expand, it is likely they will eventually receive an order so large that they do not have the resources to fill it. When this happens, it may seem that your only option is to turn the client away, despite that they are highly appealing and the order would be a great benefit to your business. Instead, consider purchase order financing. This special kind of financing is designed for exactly this situation. Due to the nature of filling orders, the process of qualifying for order financing is very quick. Learn more about how Interim Capital Lending Solutions can help you fill your largest orders.

How Purchase Order Financing Works

Immediately upon approval of your loan, your supplier is paid so you can complete the order as normal. Once you have finished and you give the client the invoice, we take a percentage of the sale and leave the rest of the profits to you. This provides you with these benefits:

  • Avoid lost equity
  • Improve your market share
  • Avoid accumulating debt

If you would benefit from order financing, contact Interim Capital Lending Solutions today and work with us to develop a financing plan.