Having the Small Business Administration Back Your Loan

Are you a small business owner considering applying for a loan? It is incredibly common for small businesses today to take advantage of financing to succeed. Even so, the thought of applying for a traditional loan may not appeal to you. The process is long and difficult, and repaying it can be a challenge. The Small Business Administration makes it much easier to go about getting the working capital you need to grow or get back on your feet. To learn more about the benefits of having the SBA back your small business loan, contact Interim Capital Lending Solutions today.

Being Backed by the Small Business Administration

If your small business loan is backed by the SBA, one of the biggest differences is how much capital can be gained. Regardless of how big or small your business is, you can receive an impressively large amount of money. Additionally, the application process is simpler, quicker, and easier because less paperwork is required. By working with the Small Business Administration, makes it much easier to give your business a jump start. We are able to offer you 7a and 504 programs. Give us a call today and start the process to having the SBA back your loan.

How You Can Use Your Backed Loan

There are many ways you can use your loan to grow your business. Because this is a common option for small business owners, it has become possible to leverage the capital you can receive from financing to do any of the following, or more:

  • Purchase, lease, or upgrade equipment
  • Hire more employees
  • Provide specialized training
  • Invest in your advertising or marketing
  • Consolidate debt or refinance
  • Remodel your real estate

Turn to Interim Capital Lending Solutions when you need financing. We will do everything we can to get you the capital you need. We are passionate about helping small business owners succeed, so let us work with you.